The Lee Platform

            Andy’s experience with state government is both his motivation for taking on Republican obstructionism in Harrisburg, as well as his guidance for his intended platform. Andy has seen far too many small businesses struggle to survive while investing in the local communities they serve – paying fair wages, hiring local vendors, and working with, not against, their communities, while getting little to no help or even attention from our government.


  • Community Redevelopment Focusing on Small Business Engagement

Locally-focused small businesses are often the drivers of reinvestment and redevelopment in economically stagnant communities, and can help lead neighborhoods, cities, and entire regions into new eras and out of poverty. Too often, the burdens they shoulder and risks they take in those efforts are ignored by the state. It’s time for the Pennsylvania to step up its commitment to local business owners who are helping our communities thrive again.


-Strengthening Public Schools and Lowering Property Taxes

Public education is the foundation of a better, stronger Pennsylvania.  Strengthening

public education by providing adequate funding at the state level, is not just our duty to

our children, it is an economic necessity.  If we want our Commonwealth to stay

competitive economically, we must provide a robust education for future generations.


Strengthening our public schools begins with adequately funding those schools at the

state level.  Not only does this provide a strong financial foundation for public

education in the Commonwealth, it decreases the pressure on local school districts to

close the funding gap by continuing to increase property taxes.  It’s time we did the

right thing for our children, our economy and taxpayers and invested in strong public



  • Broadening Access to Education, Increasing Focus on Trades and Services

Education is the primary path out of poverty for most Americans, and that includes education beyond high school.  Quality post-secondary education is not only a gateway to opportunity, it is necessary to provide the skilled workforce that attracts and retains businesses here in Pennsylvania.


As costs soar, even State System Universities now cost upwards of $25,000/yr all costs included. Harrisburg has a duty to protect access to affordable education for Pennsylvanians. However, as a nation, we have focused too narrowly on college education as the only option after high school. Programs like union apprenticeships, technical education, and other trades options need more support to ensure students know every option available to them when they are making their decisions, and have support regardless of the educational path they choose.


  • Protecting Access to Affordable Healthcare

When Americans have access to healthcare, they can do great things – learn a new trade, start a small business, start a family, focus on climbing out of poverty. While obsessing over partisan points-scoring, Republicans have lost sight of the promise American Dream, and making sure it’s available to all Americans, not just those born into wealthy families.


  • Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Americans have become accustomed to showing respect for our

first-responders and veterans – but have lost sight of the fact that patriotic

displays and rhetoric do little to protect our police, fire crews, EMTs and

veterans. Years of short-sighted budget-slimming have left our police

departments and fire crews with outdated, unreliable technology, our veterans

vulnerable to homelessness and predatory financial services, and our

emergency medical services struggling to keep up with demand. Emergency

services and veterans are NOT a profit opportunity, they deserve robust public

protection and funding for their services.


  • Bipartisan Problem-solving.

            The political climate across our nation, including here in Pennsylvania, has become so

adversarial that it seems like our elected officials can’t agree on anything.  As a result,

nothing gets done.  This is unacceptable.The ongoing budget battle is just one

example of legislators using the responsibility vested in them to win cheap political

victories instead of finding good compromises to move Pennsylvania forward, or even

keep it on the right track.


I’m a doer, and will always find solutions that are right for PA, regardless of where they

come from. I will go to Harrisburg with one objective, to represent the people I was

elected to serve and work hard to make their lives better.  In order to meet that objective, I will work with anyone who is willing to set-aside partisanship and work in good faith to create sound public policy that makes sense.